Bio of a stone piece 2

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Mounted on lathe ready for truing. It started out at between 90 and 100 pounds. Even after slicing a couple of "ears" off, it was terribly off-center and flexed the steel bed of the lathe when it was started up.


After the sizing cuts are made. You can see that an awful lot of the stone has to be removed for symmetry.


The top part of the piece has been removed. It would be way too small to be incorporated into the final form. I had a thought that I might do a lid out of it. More of it later.


The form is beginning shape up.



The outside is shaped. During the fine cutting I discovered that the stone is rose alabaster! Very nice. I didn't expect it because the quarry that this came from usually only has white and gray alabaster.


The hollowing is proceeding.



Beginning to part off the piece. And hoping that it doesn't break loose prematurely. Good way to shatter a piece.



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